The Pieta Keepsake Urn

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  • Keepsake Size
  • Hand Feather-Painted
  • Height: 5"   Width: 5"
  • Cubic Inches:  15
  • Felt Underneath
  • Bottom Load Area for Ashes
  • Maintenance-Free

The was painted and sculptured over and over again by such artists as Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo and Raphael.

No image is more universally central to lovers of medieval art, than that of baby Jesus in the arms of his mother, Mary.

It portrays the tender mercy and boundless love between a mother and her son.

Thousands of tourists from every faith and every continent visit the original statue in Italy yearly. It is admired and sought after for its uniqueness, quality and originality.

We reproduced the essence of the original sculpture in cold-cast resin materials, so that we may replicate the same carvings as found on the original.

The detail work on our reproduction is magnificent. The feather-painted highlights mimic original grain work found in marble. No two are alike.