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A powdered incision or filler sealer that gelatinizes instantly on contact with moisture to prevent seepage and leakage.
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Edema Pro

Developed at be selective in its action in eliminating edematous conditions within specific areas of the body. Used as a co-injection chemical.
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Polar Cavity

A Cavity chemical equivalent with a formaldehyde index of 53. Remarkable penetration and immediate fixation properties, low fumes and a pleasant aroma.
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Collapsible Racking

Collapsible racking is made for storage of coffins.  The "pull-out" 3 tier storage system enables the client to close the racking when not in use to save space. Made from 304...
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Absorbent cotton, long fibre, non-sterile
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Sphere Heart Silver

The Sphere Heart is a half sphere pendant appr. 25mm in width, with a 9mm heart with a fingerprint, or a 30mm half sphere with a 12mm heart with fingerprint....
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True Ring

The True is a flat ring of appr. 6,5mm width, with a fingerprint. The ring is available in the versions shown below.

Precious Pendant

The Precious is a round pedant with a excentric placed round print, size appr. 16mm.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Multilevel XL300 funeral trolley has been designed to carry out safe and dignified removal of larger bodies. The fold down locking sides greatly increase surface area allowing...
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Multilevel Funeral Stretcher allows a removal operation to be conducted professionally and safely. The Multilevel Stretcher from Auden can be moved between height positions without assuming the...
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First Call Stretcher With Folding Footstop

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A simple and effective Folding Foot-stop has been fitted to the First Call Stretcher. This will assist the operator when wheeling and transporting remains up or down stairs....
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First Call One Man Loader

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The One Man Loader funeral trolley was designed with efficiency and simplicity in mind. This One Man Loader is a lightweight, versatile, single height funeral trolley. The independent...
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